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Bridges Across Time

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Does Love Go On?

Are decades and continents too vast for love to endure? Is there any hope of the once pure spark surviving through wars, concentration camps, and desperate choices?

Kian Ash’s new novel, Beyond the Banyan Tree, is a dive into the life long relationship between Kai and Grace as they struggle through the ravage of wars, the trials of their families, and separation across seas and time.

Torn from their Eden, their unrelenting devotion to each other may be the only way to escape the trauma of war and find their way back to innocence.

Is She Avenging Her Father’s Death or Fulfilling Everything He Feared For Her?

Suzie Lee Racine has been patient for a very long time, but her heart has never healed. Is she endangering everything he hoped for her or will she inflict the justice he deserved?

Does One Kid Really Have to Save the World? Not By Herself..

She has no idea how long she was in hibernation, her parents are missing, and her grandparents were kidnapped. Everything intended for her was stolen, but Astrid has no time to dwell. She has a city full of eccentric and sometimes brilliant survivors to save from themselves.

She has an inventive nature and gift for making friends fast and she’ll need both to guide Castle City through catastrophes triggered by a rogue terraforming machine set loose on the world by her family’s rival, a life coach, motivational speaker, and serial entrepreneur who brands herself Abbadonna.