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About Us

Big Magic Tent logoWe’re a collective of artists, performers and writers experimenting with emerging mediums, innovative distribution networks, and promising platforms for sharing revenue and royalties. We believe in the magic of outstanding storytelling — bringing people together, affecting change and imparting wisdom to all of us. We’re explorers on a journey of discovery and we hope you’ll join us for the ride.


Mission & Vision

The world is a confusing place, but stories help us understand one another, and our place in the cosmos. Diversity of storytellers and points of view are essential to understanding aspects of existence that are not our own. Big Magic Tent is  determined to find shorter, quicker paths to support and realize stories from lesser known voices and unique points of view.

Big Magic Tent is an experiment in creativity. We build our pipelines and processes from open source and indie budgeted tools not only to save our own wallet but to produce guides and tutorials for tools that are accessible to most if not all our fellow creators. We’re big fans of Blender, Unreal Engine, and Unity and the spirit they encourage among the creative community.

Can we reinvent the process of developing new fictional worlds and characters? Is it possible to shorten the time between conceiving an idea, building a following and delivering a satisfying 4K immersive interactive narrative?  Can we use new tools and techniques to deliver timely stories that speak to today’s challenges?  Can we provide immersive, interactive narratives that nurture the mind and warm the heart as well as provide wisdom and insights into our world and times?

We share our behind the scenes production process and creative tutorials to do our part to pay forward the knowledge and ideas that inspire our work. Together we can cultivate a community of storytellers who will help us all understand the world we share.

Find Your Inner Storyteller

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